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Missing Malaysian airplane: Courtney Love finds Flight 370; posts photos

Courtney Love has found Flight 370.
Craig Barritt/Getty

Courtney Love, the former front woman of “Hole,” believes she has found the missing airplane that disappeared 10 days ago from Malaysia. According to a March 17 report by Rolling Stone, Courtney Love posted a photo of the airplane on her Facebook page.

The photo shows some wave-like images. Love wrote “oil” and “plane” on the photo. She also drew arrows to what she believes to be the oil and plane. Courtney Love even initialed the photo with “C-L.”

Kurt Cobain's widow used Tomnod to find the missing Malaysian airplane. Tomnod is ans online satellite imagery map website.

Courtney Love even posted the coordinates of the “oil and plane” she believes she found. According to her post, the missing Malaysian airplane is “like a mile away from Pulau Perak.”

Courtney Love was careful to start her post with “I'm no expert.” The then adds the Internet link to the map and adds “prayers go out to the families #MH370 [sic].” She ended her post with “but what do I know?”

With so many theories and ideas floating around the world about the missing Malaysian airplane, the singer and actress just might be on to something. Based on the information that is coming from the authorities, they do not appear to have any idea where Flight 370 could be at this time.

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