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Missing Malaysia plane: New final words and latest on the search

Family members pray for the return of those on board Malaysia MH370.
Family members pray for the return of those on board Malaysia MH370.
Photo by Rahman Roslan/Getty Images

The missing Malaysia plane still has people searching for it today, and there is new information being released about the final moments the plane was in contact. New final words have now been released, and they are slightly different than the words previously reported. On March 31, New York Daily News reported that one of the pilots on board said 'good night, Malaysian three seven zero.' It isn't known which of the men said those final words.

The search for Malaysian MH370 has continued off the coast of Australia, and the Australian prime minister promises to keep searching for the missing airliner. On Sunday, more debris from the wreckage was possibly found, but further search discovered that the debris was just fishing equipment. It had no connection to the missing Malaysia plane. The Australian PM, Tony Abbott, spoke about the search for the missing airliner. He said the following:

This is an extraordinarily difficult exercise .... we are searching a vast area of ocean and we are working on quite limited information. If this mystery is solvable, we will solve it.

Families of the passengers on the missing airliner are upset and demanding an apology from Malaysia Airlines and the Malaysia government. According to Sky News, several families of the victims on board the plane flew to Beijing and held a press conference demanding the truth about the missing plane. Others stayed behind and prayed in Kuala Lumpur. Only a week of power is left on the black box.

What do you think? What happened to Malaysia MH370?