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Missing Malaysia Airlines plane: Is the Malaysian government hiding Flight 370?

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The conspiracy theorists and sensalist journalism have gotten under the Malaysian government's skin with regard to missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370. This became apparent when Deputy Communication and Multimedia Minister Datuk Jailani Johari told members of the press this week that the Malaysia government was not secretly hiding the Boeing 777 and its 239 passengers and crewmen, missing since March 8.

The International Business Times reported July 8 that Min. Datuk Johari relayed the Malaysian governments frustrations over speculation and accusations that the government has been involved in the disappearance and the subsequent cover-up of the missing plane. He made the statements while affirming that the international bond between his country, Australia, and China and their mutual determination to continue searching for Flight 370 was as strong as ever.

Johari said that the negative speculations were malicious and spread by the western and social media. Their aim was only to use sensationalism with which to gather increased popularity.

Min. Johari specifically targeted the one conspiracy theory that the missing plane was actually still safe and hidden in a secret location known to the Malaysian government.

"How can Malaysia hide the facts when the search and rescue mission involved 26 countries and every discussion in Canberra or Beijing is also attended by the governments of Australia and China?" he asked rhetorically. "I wish to stress that the people should not be easily fooled by the social media, and should refer to mainstream media for the latest and accurate information."

All sorts of logical and illogical speculation has erupted from serious journalists, pundits, and bloggers alike since the jet went missing. Theories of what happened to Flight MH370 run the gamut from actual reporting of expert opinions on what happened to the Boeing 777 to lunatic fringe ideas of UFO intercepts, a Bermuda Triangle-like rift, and CIA backed hijackings.

Min. Datuk Jailani Johari stated that all the speculation concerning conspiracy theories and cover-ups would not in any way affect the relationship between Malaysia, China, and Australia. He clarified that the three countries remained unified in their efforts to find the missing Malaysia Airlines plane.

The international effort to find the missing plane will resume in August.