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Missing Malay jet nukes D.C., Obama declares martial law

Silly conspiracies around the missing Malay airliner abound.  But what if a government were involved that had the runway and hangars to land and hide such a jet?  And what if they had a nuke and could get close enough to D.C.?  Who could benefit?
Silly conspiracies around the missing Malay airliner abound. But what if a government were involved that had the runway and hangars to land and hide such a jet? And what if they had a nuke and could get close enough to D.C.? Who could benefit?

With all the far-fetched conspiracy theories surrounding the disappearance of the Malaysian Boeing 777, some are not so crazy as they may at first seem. If this airliner was actually hijacked, it could not have been taken by a terrorist group. For a major passenger jet to disappear requires a major government with a major airport complete with hangars in which to hide a plane of this size.

A conspiracy to steal a huge passenger plane requires people with the expertise to pull it off, along with the lack of morals to care about making all the passengers and crew disappear. The Cambodians exterminated three million people in the 1970s. Making less than 300 disappear forever would be simple.

The purpose of pulling off this feat must be greater than using the plane as a simple missile. If the plane were to be used against someplace like Washington D.C., it would have to be something supremely diabolical than just trying to crash it into the White House. It was proven years ago that a small plane, which could be packed with more than enough explosives, could easily evade radar and get to the residence of America's presidents.

This plane is large enough to haul a large nuke. It wouldn't even have to get to the target to be fully effective, just within a few miles. More, however, would be just how deep this conspiracy could go and who would want to pull it off.

While America's external enemies abound, there are those who are currently in power who see, not foreign socialist dictatorships as the greatest threat to America, nor even fanatical Islamists, but the American people themselves. Were these people unwilling to relinquish power to the electoral system, then they would have to devise a plan to seize power while making it appear their actions are necessary to protect the country. What if Barack Obama, who sees the TEA Party and conservative Christian Republicans as the greatest threat to his agenda, wanted to be certain all he has accomplished in the last fee years not be jeopardized by the random possibilities of an election?

Could the president of the United States, this president, put together a conspiracy to hijack and hide a major airliner, outfit it with a nuke, and plan to send it into D.C., say about the time that Congress is in session, the new candidates for the next election are present, but the president himself is absent, and have the city incinerated? Martial law would be required. No one would be left in federal government to say boo. And a permanent dictatorship could be established that would have the support of most of the population. A scapegoat regime could be sacrificed to assure that the Obama regime be firmly ensconced on an unshakable throne.

Crazy, huh?

The fact is Obama would love to make himself king and dictator for life and has said as much on many occasions. The fact is he could not without the nation rising up against him and casting him down. The fact is he would have to assume this mantle on the heels of the supreme national disaster, which the nuking of the capitol would be. The fact is he is in a position and has the power to get people together who could pull off the hijacking and hiding of a major airliner. And the fact is he has access to nukes.

As “experts” keep offering plausible theories of what happened, and stories keep changing, the fact is the only fact we know for certain is that this plane is missing. The theories of terrorist hijacking, pilot suicide, and colossal equipment failure all fall flat on their faces. No one knows what could have happened or why someone would hijack an airliner. Just to fill it with bomb materials would be insignificant as the plane filled with fuel is a bigger bomb than it could carry as payload. Even a ten megaton nuke, however, doesn’t weigh that much.

Only a supremely evil and insane person would concoct, let alone instigate such a plan. Fact is we all know that Leftists, especially Obama himself, would love to see him as king of America. Fact is we know all Democrats keep voting for the same thing expecting a different result. And the fact is we know Obama has delusions of grandeur above and beyond the simple narcissist. To abolish the Constitution of this country he believes is a mean, immorally founded nation, and take the throne over America to become king would be his dream come true.

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