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Missing jet search: Items plucked from ocean checked for link to Flight 370

Missing jet search goes yet another day with nothing found to link to the downed plane.
Missing jet search goes yet another day with nothing found to link to the downed plane.
Photo by Pool/Getty Images

Items plucked from the Indian Ocean were analyzed to see if they were linked to the missing jet, but so far nothing has been confirmed as part of the ill-fated Malaysian Flight 370. The search for the debris field shifted yesterday to an area about 800 miles away from the original search area. This is where search planes spotted a debris field containing hundreds of floating objects, according to CBS News on March 29.

While the boats did find some debris, nothing could be linked back to the Malaysian flight immediately, but some of the objects will be analyzed further. The second day of searching the new area ended with nothing new to report, other than some "ocean garbage" being found.

A ship fitted with the technology to find the black box of the missing jet has left Perth, Australia for the search area. With the failure to turn up any tangible evidence questions about the missing jet being under the ocean are up for debate again.

Is it in a watery grave or somewhere else? Some of the passengers loved ones still believe the passengers are still alive. Is this hoping against hope or some type of instinct folks have when it comes to the ones they love?

Saturday’s search had ships from both China and Australia scoop up floating objects from the Indian Ocean, but again, there was nothing that was linked to the missing jet among the items. While the search continues, family members of the Chinese passengers have made their way to Malaysia to seek answers from the government as to what happened to their loved ones.

The debris picked up today were analyzed but found to be ocean garbage left over from some fishing vessel. At daybreak Sunday 10 search planes will take off from Perth, Australia and make their way back over the search area.

With each day that the search continues and with each piece of ocean debris picked up but turns out to be nothing, the possibility grows that this ship is in one piece somewhere. Whether that would be at the bottom of the Indian Ocean or not may always remain a mystery.

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