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Missing jet fate blamed on pilot: Investigators 'press' his family for clues

Missing jet search changes locations as jet came down sooner than first thought.
Missing jet search changes locations as jet came down sooner than first thought.
Photo by Pool/Getty Images

The missing jet with 239 souls on board was “no accident” claim the experts today. The missing Malaysian jet’s fate is believed to be the total responsibility of the pilot, reports a law enforcement official involved in the investigation.

According to USA Today on March 28, the Malaysian investigators are “pressing” the family of the captain of this ill-fated flight for clues about his demeanor before he boarded the plane. The investigation points to the pilot as the person who deliberately put that plane into an underwater grave.

While his father is being named as the person responsible for this ill-fated flight, Ahmad Seth, the son of Capt. Zaharie Ahmad Shah, speaks out. He defends his father saying that there is no way the man he knew would do this. Shah also said that his father is not a "political fanatic" and there is no way that he would take 238 people with him when committing suicide, as the media is reporting, according to the New York Daily News today.

The search for the debris field, which was seen on satellite, has moved about 750 miles away from their original search site. This is due to new data saying the plane flew much faster than originally thought, causing its fuel to deplete sooner than first calculated.

This put the missing jet down in another area of the Indian Ocean, a site not previously searched. Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah is now considered the soul perpetrator of this downed jet. There is no evidence of mechanical failure and no evidence of a hijacker, this means the results of this deductive reasoning points to the captain, according to the official working on the investigation.