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Missing jet black box from MH370 is feared to be dead now

Search for MH70
Search for MH70
Photo by Pool/Getty Images

The missing jet black box appears that it could be dead now which has people worried they will never find MH370. On Sunday, Web Pro News shared how it appears the box could be dead now which will make it really hard to keep searching and have any chance of finding it.

This flight has been missing since March 8. They have not given up looking for it and all kinds of crazy theories are around about what happened to it. The battery on the black box is expected to last for 30 days. They believe there is a chance it might end up lasting for 40, but it has now been 37 days which means it could be dead already. This makes it where it will be really hard to track down the flight.

Authorities have been able to get a lot of signals from the box. This has really helped them to narrow down the search area and try to find the missing flight MH370 but obviously they do not have a good enough area because they haven't been able to find it yet. The area they have it narrowed down to now can be compared to the size of Los Angeles.

Fox News shared that they did have four very strong signals come in from it this week. Now all signals have gone quiet which is reason enough to believe that it is not going be heard from again. Tuesday was the last time that they were able to pick up any pings from what they believe to be the black box, but authorities are not even certain that is what they were getting signals from over the past few weeks.

At this time, the missing flight MH370 hasn't been found. It is actually highly doubtful it will ever be discovered if it is at the bottom of ocean somewhere but at this time they are still searching for it and hoping something will come up. News will continue to be revealed as the search continues.