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Missing girls sleepover update: Missing girls found, 'appeared okay'

Missing girls found after a sleepover "appeared to be okay" according to police in Calif. On Jan. 27, ABC News reported that Raylynn Bolt, 12, and Diana Tourdot, 14, were both found alive after vanishing from Diana's home the night of a sleepover. The girls were not found together but were both unharmed. Family members and police using bloodhounds searched for the girls and eventually found them in San Bernardino, not far from their hometown.

"Unfortunately I think these two girls just got into a little bit of trouble," said Raylynn's father, Donald. It's unknown if the girls have told authorities -- or their parents -- what they were exactly doing or why they left the house to begin with.

The missing girls had a normal sleepover -- Diana's mom didn't say that anything strange went on. She told police that she went to bed around 11 p.m. and was awoken by a noise around midnight. Thinking it was nothing, she went back to sleep -- but when she woke up at 6:30 a.m., both girls were gone according to the report.

While most people are relieved to hear that both girls were found safe and sound, many think that there should be some consequences. If the girls left the home on their own, worrying their parents and sending police on a wild goose chase (essentially) for no apparent reason, do you think they should face some sort of consequence?

The missing girls' sleepover is still being investigated -- both girls were being interviewed by Riverside detectives.

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