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Missing girls sleepover found: Friends located in San Bernardino, alive and well

Two missing girls that ran away after a sleepover were found this week in San Bernardino, alive and well. Police officials have confirmed that 12-year-old Raylynn Bolt and 14-year-old Diana Tourdot were discovered only 15 miles from Tourdot’s Riverside, California, home. The Inquisitr reports this Tuesday, Jan. 28, 2014, that the girls vanished Saturday night in the middle of their sleepover; it was suspected that the two friends had run away together for unknown reasons.

Two girls that ran away after a sleepover
Photo File (Twitter), The Inquisitr

The missing girls who disappeared at a sleepover were found late on Monday night. Law enforcement authorities brought the runaway teens to light after a massive search ensued for the pair, quickly making national headlines. A number of search rescue teams, complete with sharp-smelling bloodhounds, helped family and friends search for the friends since this Sunday. It was 14-year-old Diana Tourdot’s mother who first learned that the girls were missing from her home when she checked on them that morning.

“Police concluded that the two girls had likely run away from the Tourdot’s home, but did not rule out other possibilities. According to a Fox News report, Raylynn’s grandmother Sandy Brown, who dropped her off at the Tourdot home on Saturday night, described the girl as “happy-go-lucky,” claiming that she is a straight-A student who regularly helps around the house. Diana’s parents likewise said that their daughter gets along well and regularly participates in family activities.”

After their Sunday and Monday searches proved unsuccessful, police reached out to the public in the hopes of finding the two missing girls. Several witnesses came forward yesterday, saying that they saw the pair at a local plaza in California before running off.

Raylynn’s brother, Jeremy, released a public statement pleading with his sister and her friend to come home. He said that they weren’t in trouble, and no matter what reason it was that encouraged them to run away together in the first place, they could come back home to feel safe and loved.

“You guys can come home. You guys are OK. I mean, you know, if you guys maybe ran away or something or, you know, went to some guy’s house, everything’s fine. We’ve all done it. We’ve all been 12, 13, 14.”

According to the press release on the “missing girls sleepover found” headline, both Diana and Raylynn were discovered alive and well a full 15 miles away late on Monday in San Bernardino. The two friends weren’t said to be found together, but the discovery of one runaway soon led to the locating of the other. They were less than three blocks away from each other.

“We came across one, and talking to her and piecing it together, she led us to the other one,” noted one official.

The reason for the two missing girls traveling to San Bernardino (as well as their means of getting there) and being found within city limits has not been disclosed yet.

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