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Missing girls sleepover: California girls found after massive search

Two girls missing from a sleepover have been found safe in California.
Two girls missing from a sleepover have been found safe in California.
Riverside Police Department

Two missing girls who disappeared from a sleepover and set off a widespread search have been found safe not far away, and now some are saying that they simply ran away, ABC 7 reported Jan. 27.

The two missing girls mysteriously vanished during the middle of a sleepover party in Riverside, Calif., on Jan. 25, sparking a massive search that included bloodhounds, police and family.

But on Monday, San Bernardino Police found the two missing girls, Raylynn Bolt, 12, and Diana Tourdot, 14, close to their hometown and within two blocks of each other in San Bernardino, Calif., the Christian Science Monitor reported.

There was little explanation for the sudden two-day disappearance of the missing girls. Raylynn’s father, Donald Bolt, speculated that the two missing girls “got into a little bit of trouble" and voluntarily ran off. The two missing girls had been planning a sleepover at Diana’s home. Her mother said she fell asleep about 11 p.m. Saturday, and that when she woke up the next morning, the girls were gone.

Police found the missing girls one at a time. Officers first found one girl at a city park and then the next two blocks away waiting with a Good Samaritan, NBC News reported.

The missing girls were apparently not harmed, the Inquisitr reported. The missing girls were to have been interviewed by the Riverside Police Department after they were found. However, details about the possible escapades of the missing girls during the two days they were being searched for have not been released.

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