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Missing girls from sleepover found safe, but mystery disappearance lacks details

Two missing girls have been found safe and sound about 15 miles from their home, but the two were found in two different locations bringing more mystery to their disappearance. When 14- year-old Diana Tourdot and 12-year-old Raylynn Bolt walked away from a sleepover on Saturday, this sparked a widespread search for the girls, according to ABC News on Jan. 27.

Missing girls from sleepover found safe, but still many questions remain in this case.

The girls from Riverside were found in San Bernardino, California on Monday night. One of the girls was found at a city park and the other girl was with a Good Samaritan waiting on a nearby street. The police came across one girl and after talking to her they tried to piece the information together, which led them to the other girl. Along with the investigation, the Riverside Police Department will also orchestrate any physical examinations of the girls.

This is basically where the details stop, it is not known who the girls were with or why they were in San Bernardino. This bizarre mystery continues today as many questions are unanswered, but the main thing is that the girls were found unharmed. The only hint coming out of this story so far is from one of the girl's fathers. Donald Bold, Raylynn’s father said to the media:

“Unfortunately I think these two girls just got into a little bit of trouble.”

This statement is fairly generic when it comes to explaining what happened to the girls and why they took off from that sleepover. Why were they apart from each other when they were found? Bold said that his family members are close, doing family activities together on a frequent basis, so his daughter apparently had no reason to run away.

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