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Missing Georgia dog found with broken leg, other dog still missing

One year ago, if you had asked Hailey Nash what she thought of her fiance's dog, she would have shuddered. What is there to like about an untrained mutt that cost $400? It's especially difficult to think of something positive when an adult dog is using your house as its own private toilet. Despite their indifference, Hailey agreed to keep trying. Every day she worked with the dog on training and manners and eventually, her efforts were rewarded. Hailey and Maggie soon became pals.

Maggie disappeared from her Georgia home on New Year's day, only to be found one day later after a car hit her and broke her front leg.  She desperately needs surgery to repair the fracture.
Hailey Nash
After a storm destroyed a fence, Maggie disappeared.  She was found one day later at the local animal shelter, suffering from a serious leg fracture.
Hailey Nash

In July of 2013, life changed for Hailey and her fiance Ben when they welcomed a new son. Almost instantly, Maggie changed from being "just a dog" and instead, she became best friend and protector over an infant.

"She has taken a protective stance over my infant son and loves him a great deal. My parents told me that when I was born, our family pet (Rottweiler) did the same with me. I can only hope that as my son grows, he will get the opportunity to have that same type of bond with a pet." -Hailey Nash

All was right in the world up until a rainy afternoon three days ago. During the New Year's Day storm, a tree fell on the backyard fence, leaving a hole large enough for a dog to escape. Neither Hailey or Ben knew what had happened and sadly, when they realized it, Maggie and another dog were gone.

"We weren't immediately worried because we figured they were just out adventuring and would be home soon." -Hailey Nash

Despite being hopeful that the dogs would return, Hailey and Ben went ahead and contacted their local shelter. Due to the holiday, the shelter was closed. Hailey posted photos of the dogs on a website dedicated to finding lost pets and a short time later, she was contacted by someone at Glynn County Animal Control. A dog matching Maggie's description was found. Even though the shelter was closed, a worker at the shelter allowed the family to go see if it was Maggie.

"When we got there, we went back and sure enough, there was our sweet girl laying down in the back..."

Joy was replaced with fear quickly. Maggie had been hit by a car and her front leg was mangled and broken. Animal Control had taken her to the vet and the break was confirmed via x-ray. Staff at Glynn County Animal Control were incredibly helpful and sympathetic, waiving Maggie's impound fee and even offering to pay $100 towards the surgery that the pooch needed to repair her broken leg. One shelter worker even went as far as to make a personal donation to aid with Maggie's care. It definitely isn't typical to hear of such compassion, especially at the hands of animal control.

Maggie was seen by Dr. Tucker in Brunswick, GA and after the x-ray and blood work, it seems that the only injuries Maggie sustained were a severely fractured leg and some damaged teeth. Surgery to repair the leg and to pull her broken teeth is estimated to cost $1,094. The prognosis is good but coming up with the money for the surgery is a whole other problem. What family with a new baby can afford a thousand dollars of surgery for a dog?

Currently, Maggie is at home with her family while they try to come up with the money to cover her surgery. Some friends recommended that Hailey and Ben start a YouCaring page and so far, they've collected $215 towards their goal. The page is located at:

Those interested in helping cover Maggie's surgery can also donate directly to her vet, Dr. Tucker at Coastal Animal Hospital. The phone number there is (912) 342-0855.

Hailey and Ben's other dog, Boomer, is still missing. (view photos of Boomer in the slideshow)

Hailey, Ben and Maggie would like to extend "thanks" and gratitude to Glynn County Animal Control, Jennifer W., Dr. Tucker at Coastal Animal Hospital, Humane Society of South Coastal Georgia and to all who have contributed towards Maggie's much-needed surgery.

If you'd like more information on Maggie, feel free to email the author by clicking here.

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