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Missing flight 370: With 239 missing souls, 'zombie plane' reports seem cruel

Flight 370 media circus: Disrespect for 239 passengers and family calling flight "zombie" plane.
Flight 370 media circus: Disrespect for 239 passengers and family calling flight "zombie" plane.
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The missing Flight 370 passengers are the people the world should be thinking about today. Instead there's people talking about a “zombie plane” and psychics appearing on news and talk shows with bizarre premonitions, which has turned this into a circus, according to Fox News live on Sunday morning March 23.

While disrespect is certainly not the purpose of this type of reporting, it can appear rather cruel to the loved ones of the passengers. The 239 souls who are missing today have family members in a crisis. Do they want to consider their loved ones as “zombies on a plane?” CNN News touched on this subject of calling the missing plane a "zombie" plane.

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This “zombie” theory was “advanced most notably by aviation specialist Clive Irving of the Daily Beast,” suggests CNN News. Using this term to describe the missing passengers has crossed the line and other experts are now speaking up on how much they dislike this term. William Waldock, a professor at U.S.-based Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University states:

"I really don't like the term 'zombie plane.' That connotes a sinister aspect to it. But, I'd prefer it to call it a ghost plane. But, we have seen things like this before.”

This is the theory that is similar to what happened to pro-golfer Payne Stewart’s plane back in 1999. The golfer’s private Lear Jet lost cabin pressure, killing everyone inside the plane. The aircraft flew on auto pilot for hours before crashing in a remote area.

Some believe this may be what happened to Missing Flight 370 after it hit 45,000 feet, which was seen on radar. At this altitude the plane had a good chance of losing cabin pressure, which could have killed the passengers.

Missing Malaysian plane possible debris: Payne Stewart crash scenario suggested

This is purely speculation, but taking this and sensationalizing the story by calling it a “zombie” flight is seen as disrespectful for the missing passengers. This is also not respecting the passengers’ loved ones who are in deep despair not knowing the fate of the people lost on this flight.

Fox News showed the clip of a psychic seen on one of the various news shows. This woman said “she sees trees” in the crash of Flight 370 and she went on with her prediction about the plane crashing on land.

Even a survivalist from a reality show appeared as an “expert” witness to say the people can survive if they are out there in a remote area. Some of the “experts” being pulled in for their thoughts on this ill-fated flight are not really the experts that you’d expect, as they have nothing to do with aviation.

Flight 370: Mystery woman called pilot on tarmac, used fake ID to purchase phone

The Daily Beast points to America’s cable news shows, such as CNN overdoing the speculations on Flight 370. The Daily Beast reports that all the cable news shows seem sensationalize the missing plane, especially “ratings-challenged CNN.” They continue with:

“(CNN) which has scored big numbers with round-the-clock coverage that offers a tantalizing mix of informed and uninformed speculation, high emotion, conspiracy-theorizing, and fantastical ruminations, sprinkled with just a pinch of news.”

The Daily Beast also suggests that CNN is not any different than the other cable news shows out there with the extreme over reporting of this story today.

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