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Missing Flight 370: Chinese satellite has found 'large object'

The Chinese claim to have found some debris in the Indian Ocean.

More debris has been found. This time, the debris was found by a Chinese satellite. According to March 22 report by the Los Angeles Times, this floating debris was also found in the southern Indian Ocean.

The Malaysian defense minister, Hishammuddin Hussein, said that the debris measured about 74 feet by 43 feet. This information was read from a piece of paper he was handed during a regular press conference.

According to live news reports by Fox News, the debris was fairly close to the debris the Australians announced had been found. However, this had yet to be confirmed. Hishammuddin Hussein also said the more information would be released later today.

The missing Malaysian airplane disappeared on March 8. Little information is known or little information is being released concerning Flight 370.

The Chinese will be sending ships to the area to help search. At the time of publication, it was unknown when those ships would be reaching the area where the floating debris was found. It was also unknown what kind of ships were being sent.

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