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Missing Edmond teen has had no AmberAlert, gone for almost a week

Edmond girl, Casady Sophomore missing for DAYS without AmberAlert
family poster

TARYN W. posted today on Twitter a missing persons report that has not been distributed by AmberAlert. @wade_taryn. Ms. Wade reported that the family had been told the girl was ineligible for the alert, though the cut off date is 17 and the girl is gone for 5+ days at this writing. Here is another set of photos of this teen.

Anne J. Hill, 16 has been missing from Edmond Oklahoma for almost a week. Her car found in Oklahoma City, without her in it, and nowhere to be found. She is related to be a student at a prestigious school, and a Native American, though her tribe is not specified.

Violence is suspected, as indicated by the listing posted by the family.

Family reports they have been refused the option of an AmberAlert report by law enforcement, but it is not clear if that is in Edmond Oklahoma or in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, neighboring communities.

The Edmond Police Department

The Oklahoma City Police Department

The girl attends Casady School and which is one of the better known private schools in Oklahoma City.

AmberAlerts seem to have a mysterious function, though protocols for them seem pretty clear cut, recent reports nationwide show over and under response for a variety of reasons.

Typically City Council members have the right to support parental or community inquiry into the situations if the public hosts a concern. Here's the Edmond City Council

Oklahoma City Council.

Oklahoma has a super high rating for violent crime. 10th in the nation. and a habit of unsolved crimes where young women about her height, weight, hair and eye color don't fare too well and end up dead. Sometimes in bizarre and ugly ways. Like Carina Saunders.

Sound off to local elected officials. This writer already contacted OKCPD FOP rep, City Council Rep and State Senator.

Remember the POTUS return on #collegerape responding to #rapeculture in the United States is next week.

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