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Missing Dundee mom, Jennifer Huston's body has been found

Jennifer Huston's body has been found
Jennifer Huston's body has been found

Jennifer Huston’s body was found in Sheridan near Deer Creek Park late Tuesday morning, police confirmed.

Missing Dundee mom Jennifer Huston’s SUV was reported found on a remote road in Yamhill County, according to KPTV.
It was parked just off of Southeast Gopher Valley Road, just off Highway 18 near Sheridan. The license plate number matches Jennifer Huston’s missing SUV.

An area neighbor spotted the SUV Tuesday morning, and it matched the description of Huston’s. The neighbor also reported a strong odor coming from the vehicle.

We now know that Huston left her home at 5:45, first going to the Oregon First Community Credit Union in Newberg and withdrew less than $100. She then went to a nearby Circle K gas station and put less than $40 in her SUV, leading police to believe that she was topping off the gas tank She also went to a Rite Aid in Newberg to purchase Gatorade, trail mix, and over the counter sleeping pills.

Officers stated that the amount of sleeping pills she bought weren’t enough to give a lethal dose.
Police speculate that her SUV could travel 300-350 miles on a full tank of gas.

She had several places she liked to visit within that radius, but police have not released those details.

Tuesday evening at a press conference, police confirmed that there have been no confirmed sightings of Huston since her disappearance; however reported sightings have come in from as far away as Michigan.

Phone records show that she received a text from her mother at 6:22pm Thursday, but Huston’s phone stopped sending signals at 6:25pm.

Since then, there has been a massive search for her on the ground, in the air by helicopters, planes, and private drones, and on the water as her family and the community frantically try to find her.

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