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Missing dog in Mililani update

Huku photo

Hoku, the cute puppy was taken from her owners yard several weeks ago and even though police have several suspects in mind the dog is still missing. No one has claimed the $500 reward which is being offered for the dogs return. The owner has said that their daughter misses little Hoku and to please return her puppy.

Pet theft is on the rise in Hawaii as well as in the mainland US. People are encouraged to be more mindful when leaving their pets unattended. Pets are our family and people need to treat them as they would other valuables. Would you leave your baby in the yard with a gate unlocked while you are away? Would you leave your computer or other valuables unattended? Probably not.

I have seen pets left in cars unattended with the windows down and that is all it takes to tempt a thief. Leave your pets home when you go out to shop or do errands.Besides the theft possibility the heat can kill your pet even in a car that has the windows partially open. On an 82 degree day a car in the sun can heat to over 100 degrees in 15 minutes. Your dog can die if left in the heat. If you witness a dog locked in a car in distress from the heat call 911. In extreme situations rescue the dog.

Recently some neighbors saw a woman outside a yard feeding a dog on a regular basis and assumed it was her dog. They also saw her walking the dog, but while the owners were gone for the day she would take the dog on walks without their knowledge. She later stole the pet but was apprehended by police. Pet theft is a crime. It is a property crime punishable by law. When she walked away with the dog no one was concerned. Get to know your neighbors.

If you must leave for pets home alone in the yard, then lock the gate or leave pets indoors. Get to know which neighbors are home during the day and ask them to be alert for suspicious activity. Losing a pet to theft is a terrible experience. Not only do we grieve the loss of our pet but we can lose faith in human decency. The people or person who steals pets are criminals and are evil.