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Missing couple Afghanistan: Pregnant American woman held by Taliban, help video

A missing couple in Afghanistan has just had videos of them desperately asking for help from their families and the U.S. government released this week to the American public. News of 28-year-old Caitlan Coleman and her husband, Joshua Boyle, has become a pop culture phenomenon since the videos — which have been deemed genuine by national authorities — were reported to the media. News Max reveals a report this Wednesday, June 4, that describes how the pregnant American woman and her Canadian husband suddenly disappeared during a trip to Afghanistan in 2012, and are believed to still be held by the Taliban.

Missing couple in Afghanistan pleads for help in video
Wikimedia Commons

Taliban captors have reached the forefront of headlines this June due to the recent release of U.S. soldier and 5-year prisoner of war Bowe Bergdahl, who was safely freed and has been reunited with his parents here in America. Now, however, a new issue of a U.S. citizen being captured — a pregnant woman, no less — asking for help from the American government and its people has emerged. The newly unveiled videos date back to mid-to-late 2013, and request aid in freeing them as veritable prisoners themselves.

Both the husband and wife have been identified as Caitlan Coleman and Joshua Boyle, who visited Afghanistan back in 2012. The missing couple’s families were devastated after losing contact with their loved ones over 20 months after the latter had arrived in Kabul. In the interim, U.S. law enforcement authorities have acknowledged the videos, saying that they believe they are real. However, they unfortunately have added that the videos cannot be of much help anymore, as current investigators are unable to establish at what time or at which location the pleas for assistance were created.

In a press release delivered by Fox News, it was Coleman’s father who initially received the videos of his missing daughter and Canadian son-in-law back in September 2013. The alleged sender was a heavily covered Afghan man, who asserted that he had intimate links with the Taliban, and that Taliban captors held the missing couple hostage in Afghanistan. At least one of the haunting videos portrays the pregnant American woman looking distraught and swathed in black cloth covering her whole body, save for the face. In the videos asking for help, the husband and wife can be seen pleading for help from the U.S. nation:

"I would ask that my family and my government do everything that they can to bring my husband, child and I to safety and freedom," Coleman said in a recording, with Boyle sitting quietly next to her.

Regrettably, both videos are less than a full two minutes apiece, and singularly devoid of potential clues — like landmarks, music, or even accents — that might help national investigators determine the American captives’ location. Although they are stamped with specific dates in August and May, 2013, it is very possible that these dates are simply fabricated, add U.S. officials.

James Coleman, the father of the pregnant woman, has used the American public’s recent awareness of trades with the Taliban in light of the Bergdahl retrieval exchange to once again ask for help in finding the missing couple. It was the freeing of the POW from Afghanistan that likely prompted the public release of these videos.

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