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Conspiracy theories surround Malaysian plane

The Boeing 777, MAS Flight MH370, went missing a week ago today. It simply vanished while flying from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing last Saturday. Hijacking, which began as a conspiracy theory, is now a working theory. Over the past week, there have been more than a few conspiracy theories suggested. Some are simply laughable (aliens, really?), while others may need to be investigated further.

So-and-so hijacked it

Fill in the blank with a variety of countries here. So-and-so hijacked the plan with the intent to transport a nuclear bomb or use as a weapon itself. One person I spoke to (general US citizen, not an official of any kind) suggested this theory stating Iran was the country behind it. states this same theory but speculates that it was Vietnam behind the missing plane. American Pragmatist tweeted, “My take: Terrorists aren't taking responsibility because they stole a plane they will use in a later terror incident.”

Uighurs attack

Earlier this week the Uighurs separatist movement had actually claimed responsibility but investigators had quickly dismissed this possibility. Now however, a week later and more questions than answers, investigators are looking into the passengers, including one believed to be a member of this group. There may be some plausibility to this theory. Reuters reported yesterday that Uighur fighters are preparing for retribution against China. The Uighurs are a Muslin minority group.


“Conspiracy theory #MH370 plane was hijacked, 239 crew & passengers X 2 kidneys at $30k on black market = 14million, to fund future terrorism,” tweeted @robertcooper.


There may be a Snowden/IBM connection. Philip Wood, an executive with IBM, is on the passenger list. One of only three Americans on the plane, he was on his way to a new assignment in Kuala Lumpur. Deborah Dupre lists other executive of telecom businesses who had been on the passenger list in her Before Its News article titled, “You Won’t Believe What Spies on Malaysia Plane Were Doing.”

Insurance scam

The personal lives of the 227 passengers and the 12 crew are all now being investigated. Channel 4, out of the UK, quotes the Malaysian police chief Khalid Abu Baker as stating that the mysterious disappearance is part of an insurance scam. Baker actually did state this during a press conference earlier this week.

A new Bermuda Triangle

Yes it has similarities. It did not help either when a Malaysian official actually posted something about a “new Bermuda Triangle in the Vietnam waters.” RJ Haroon tweeted, wondering how a plane simply vanishes from the sky. Others, including The Daily Beast, are calling this theory an “invisibility cloak.’


As with any unexplained major event, it seems, aliens are always to blame. If we ever actually make contact with aliens, they are so going to be insulted by the human race!

While not a conspiracy theory per se, @BoikanyoB tweeted: “Stolen* Meanwhile, on Craigslist in Vietnam.” Believe it or not, there is a Malaysia Airlines 777 for sale on craigslist and it is on the Vietnam Cragslist.

Do YOU have a theory? Share it here.

In all seriousness (and on a personal note) my thoughts and prayers are with those families and friends who await word of their loved ones. For their sakes, I pray the investigators find answers soon.

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