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Missing child turns out to be talking parrot

Some parrots can live for 80 to 100 years.
Some parrots can live for 80 to 100 years.
M. Itchenberry

A Connecticut woman was more than surprised last week, after the distressed child she was searching for turned out to be a talking bird.

According to NBC Chicago, the incident unfolded June 13, when the unnamed woman heard what she believed was a child repeatedly crying, "Daddy, Daddy" near Holland Hill School in Fairfield, Conn. In response, the woman began searching for the child as the cries continued.

The voice led the woman to a tree, where, 25 feet up, was Ralphie, a large green parrot saying, "Daddy, Daddy," over and over. Relieved she didn't find a distressed or injured child, the woman called animal control officials, who attempted to reach the bird but Ralphie was too high up in the tree.

The fire department was later able to poke Ralphie from his perch using a long pole. The bird flew from the tree into another, where animal officials captured him with a net.

Ralphie was reported missing about a mile from the school, police said. He talked nonstop during the rescue. The bird was not harmed during the ordeal.

Parrots and other exotic birds often fly away from their owners. A few years ago, a parakeet named Willie made news when it flew away form its Michigan home. The bird was capture with a bed sheet three days later when a neighbor saw it perched on her clothesline. In the 1990s, a Chicago man followed his pet cockatoo around the city for 12 hours before the bird became tired and the man carried it home.

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