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Missing boy taken by crocodile: Croc that bit one boy probably took his friend

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A missing 12-year-old boy is believed to have been taken by a crocodile after the croc grabbed his friend, but who managed to get away. A group of boys swimming in a place clearly marked with signs warning of the crocodiles in the water are all accounted for except for one, according to the New York Daily News on Jan. 26.

Originally a croc grabbed one of the boys swimming by the arm. The boy managed to get away, but needed medical attention for his wounds. When another boy went missing, authorities searched the area, but found no sign of the boy.

The boys had been swimming at a place called the billabong. It is believed he was taken by the same crocodile that injured his buddy.

The boys were swimming at Australia’s Kakadu National Park when the crocodile was first encountered. Police have searched the area for the remains of the boy and they continued the search into the night, but not a sign of the boy was found.