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Missing boy found hiding in store while police searched

The boy was hiding behind a bookcase similar to this one
The boy was hiding behind a bookcase similar to this one
Photo by Pool/Getty Images

Social media is debating whether they would have been relieved or mad if they knew their child was hiding from them at a store in a shopping mall.

On Friday, Nate Stillman, 6, had found an area behind a book case that was not completely up against the wall in the Just Like New Consignment shop at the 30 Plaza near the Hartford Turnpike in Vernon, Conn. The boy decided to stay in the 8-inch space while his mom and then later the Manchester and Vernon police continued to search for him and call out his name, reported WFSB News. There was no explanation why the boy did not answer.

It wasn't till the third time the police searched the small store, did they find the spot behind the book case where the boy had been all along.

The mom was relieved when he was found and thanked everyone for their help.

Social media was split half and half on how they would react if their child did the same thing.

Jackie Brown, Kathy Morgan Jones and many others posted on Facebook they probably would have felt both relieved and mad.

Barbara Johnson posted, "Be thankful. He's back safe. I'm sure he didn't realize the magnitude of the situation.

‪Others posted at least some discipline should be taken.

‬ "He needs to be given some type of punishment for this action. Yes , it is wonderful that he wasn't taken or gone wandering off but this was a huge waste of resources and time by this young man," posted Kevin Johnson.

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