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Charlie Bothuell's found crouching in dad's basement: 11-days missing in cellar?

The mystery of a missing 12-year-old Detroit boy took a bizarre twist on live TV Wednesday night. Charles Botheull was on Nancy Grace’s show appealing for help with finding his missing son when word came in that his son was found alive in the father’s basement, according to Fox News on June 26.

The missing 12-year-old Detroit boy was found alive barricaded in his father's basement and his father learns about this while on live TV with Nancy Grace.
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Charlie Bouthuell had been missing for 11 days after he took a bathroom break when working out with his father at home. That was the last time that anyone had seen the boy until he was found “barricaded in the cellar” behind a “makeshift barricade of boxes” at his father’s home on Wednesday night.

Nancy Grace tells Bouthuell while he is on the air that word just came in that his son had been found in his basement. He took deep breathes and clutched his chest saying, “What!” He continued saying that he checked his basement, as did the FBI and the Detroit Police and they found nothing, reports NBC News today.

He paused again to clutch his heart and take some deep breaths saying that he had been in the basement several time this week and there was no one down there. Grace asked Bothuell IV several times about the house and who searched it.

Bothuell said “God, they brought in the dogs, everything.” He continued saying how everyone searched every inch of that basement and then said, “Oh God, my son.”

When the child went missing the father took a lie-detector test which police say was “inconclusive.” Police described finding Charlie “crouched down” behind a “make-shift” barricade in the basement, which Detroit Police Chief James Craig said that it seemed unlikely that Charlie constructed that barricade himself.

Craig said “I’ve never seen anything quite like this. But the outcome – I couldn’t be happier.” The story is a bit bizarre from the start, the kid went missing when at home and going to use the bathroom.

The missing child is found in the father’s cellar barricaded in what is described as a “tunnel” that comes into the basement, according to “Fox and Friends” live on Thursday morning. The house has a tunnel and that is where Charlie was found. There is no word on who found the boy or why police came back to the home after thoroughly searching it already. There are a lot of unanswered questions in this case today.

Charlie is in custody of the police as he gets checked out at the hospital. Craig said he has been removed from the home and will get two things, “medical treatment and some food.”

“Fox and Friends” report that the child did have access to food in his barricaded area in the basement, but did not elaborate on what that was or how much food the child had with him. Craig indicated that Charlie needed something to eat when saying he was going to get the boy "some food."

The home was thoroughly searched previously, including the basement. They even searched the area with a cadaver dog. Craig said he is not sure if the child was in the basement the entire time he was reported as missing. This investigation is on-going today. Nancy Grace reports she believes the father is telling the truth about having no idea where his son was, according to "Fox and Friends" live on Thursday morning.

Check out the video above to watch as Nancy Grace informs the dad live on-air that Charlie has been found alive in his basement.

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