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Missing Bella confirmed dead by father on social media

Roy Cannella addresses the death of his missing daughter.
Roy Cannella addresses the death of his missing daughter.
Crime Scene Media;Used with permission

Breaking update: The father of missing child Isabella "Bella" Grogan-Cannella has confirmed via social media that the child was found slain. The screenshot of the post can be found on this Wednesday night post, but it's also on Facebook via the Bring Bella Home Facebook group page. The child has not yet been confirmed via corner ruling, but the family's responses to today's discovery of a body confirm that they've lost a little girl -- and now detectives are on the hunt for a suspect. So, who killed little Bella Grogan-Cannella?

The father of the little girl took to Facebook late Wednesday evening and said the following:

"As Bella`s father would like to thank everyone for their condolences what has happened to my daughter. It's a loss no parent should ever have to endure. At this time we have no information as to who did this to her and we ask that if you know anything please contact authorites or myself. Sorry to everyone I haven't replied to this is just a very difficult time. May my daughter rest in piece. As soon as I'm cleared to go out there I will be there. Every step of the way."

Roy Cannella's words indicate that the little girl was murdered, or suffered some kind of foul play after going missing. Nonetheless, no confirmed details have come through the mainstream media regarding how she ended up missing and what evidence has been gathered along with the discovery of her body.

On Wednesday evening, while the loved ones of this slain girl mourned, the community of Bullhead City held vigil in solidarity for the search for her. Meanwhile, there are still those who are holding out hope that this body will not be identified as the missing child, and that there could be hope in finding her alive.