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Missing beagle found after 17 months, 400 miles from home in Kentucky

A touching story of a sweet little beagle that was lost, but now has been found thanks to some caring people that made sure she had loads of love until she heads back home to her owners. According to WTAE on March 26, the dog named Sassy was found to have been missing from her home in Kentucky for 17 months.

Beagle made her way home after 17 months/Not the one from the story
Photo by Gary Gershoff

After taking the dog to the vet for a checkup recently, foster parent April Smith got quite a shock. The beagle that was known to her as ‘Jenny’ was actually a lost dog from three states away. The vet checked her microchip and learned her true identity. She belonged to a family that had been missing her all this time.

"I was in total disbelief,” Smith said. “They said 'Yeah she is, and her name is Sassy.' And as soon as they said Sassy her head turned, and I said 'Are you Sassy' and her tail started wagging right away."

Smith said she was in disbelief because she assumed that Sassy would have been checked for a microchip before she got her. Somehow, she was never checked to see if she had one up until that moment. Smith says that she has no idea how this could have happened.

Sassy was indeed someone’s beloved pooch. She belonged to Cindy and Ernie Romans from Louisville, Ky. They were immediately contacted and of course, they were not only shocked, but thrilled that Sassy had been found after over a year without her.

The story of Sassy’s journey started back in 2012 when the 7-year-old beagle was staying with a family member while the Roman's were in the process of moving. After being left out in the backyard, that was the last time she was seen. Everyone assumed the worst the more time went on.

Sassy somehow wound up at a Kentucky kill shelter after being injured, possibly by being hit by a car. It could have ended badly, but angels must have been looking out for her. Members of the Forever Home Beagle Rescue came to get her to take her to West Virginia before she would be euthanized. She was then placed in her foster home with Smith in Pennsylvania to be loved and cared for until they found her a forever home.

However, she already had a forever home in Kentucky, and that is exactly where she will be going on Friday to be reunited with her excited and grateful owners.

Cindy Romans was in complete shock when she got the news that after 17 months and three states later, her sweet baby was healthy and ready to come home.

"Everyone has been such an angel with her, and I will never, ever, ever, ever be able to thank them enough for the wonderful care they're giving her," said Romans.

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