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Missing baby in Houston found by jogger

An early morning jogger was in for a surprise when she went for her run Monday in Houston,Texas. Hong Nguyen heard and spotted 8-month old Genesis Haley alone and crying in a tall grassy area, and immediately called for help.

USAToday reports the good samaritan, said she found the baby around eight Monday morning. "That's my duty as a human being to do that," Nguyen said. "I can't believe — it was so scary to see that situation."

Haley, who had been missing for a few hours before she was found, ended up in the tall grass after her mother’s car was stolen with her in it early Monday morning. Haley’s mother was reportedly in a North Houston Texaco paying for gas when she saw her car pulling away with the child inside. When she received no help at the gas station, she then ran home and called authorities.

Not long after the vehicle went missing it was found. Items from the car had been dumped out near the scene but the missing child and her car seat were nowhere to be found. At 3 a.m, an Amber Alert was sent out by Houston PD.

KHOU Houston reports that Albert Pizana, the officer that was called to the scene to assist with the abandoned child, jumped immediately into action. Pizana brought the child into the open and scanned for injury. He only found a few ant bites, and picked up the child to console her.

“Once inside the patrol vehicle, she was still fussy. Being a father, I know sometimes babies like to be swaddled. Since I didn’t have a blanket, I decided to use my uniform shirt and that calmed her down,” Pizana said.

After Haley was found, police took her to Texas Children’s Hospital to fully examine her. She was found to be healthy and was given to her mother. A sketch of the suspect can be found on the KHOU website. If you know any information on the suspect please call the Houston Police Department at 713-308-3600.

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