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Missing American found dead in Jerusalem forest: Aaron Sofer death investigated

The missing American man has been found dead in a forest near Jerusalem where he set out hiking on Friday. He has been in the headlines in recent days after he was reported missing by his friend who was hiking with him, according to CNN News on Aug. 28.

Missing American Aaron Sofer's body has been found in a Jerusalem forest where he went missing while hiking with a friend on Friday.

The 23-year-old’s body was found not far from where another body was found on July 2, which was believed to be a revenge killing of Palestinian teen Mohmmed Abu Khedair, 16. Two miners and an adult were charged with the teen’s killing.

The family believes that Sofer’s death was accidental after the friend who was hiking with him became separated. A forensic investigation will determine the cause of the young-man’s death. The parents stand behind their son's friend and believe that the death was accidental.

Israeli police spokesperson Mickhy Rosenfeld said that it is not clear at all if this disappearance is “personal [or a] kidnapping.” He continues with “it is not clear at all.” Police believed that this disappearance was a kidnapping, according to UPI News today. As the parents claim that they see their son's death as an accident, authorities warn that it is too early to say how this death occurred.

Sofer is from New Jersey and the family had flown to Israel to join the hundreds of people who came out and volunteered in the search. Sofer’s parents, who were also among the family members searching for their son, offered a $28,000 reward for information on the young man’s whereabouts, reports the Washington Post today.

Sofer’s parents will bury their son in Israel and Shiva will be observed in his hometown in New Jersey.

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