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Missing 777: Missing Malaysia flight update, wreckage found?

Missing 777 Malaysia Airline flight 370 is entering its third day, and in latest developments, officials say debris spotted in the Gulf of Thailand by a Vietnamese navy plane may be the door and fragments from the tail section of the Boeing 777.
Officials said Sunday they were widening the search of any sign of the missing Malaysia Airlines jet, to cover vast areas of sea around Malaysia & off Vietnam.

According to NBC News today, Vietnamese authorities probing waters in the 320,000 square kilometer Gulf spotted an object Sunday that they believe to be one of the jet’s main fuselage doors. They also have what may be pieces of wreckage from the rear of the aircraft.

Per NBC News:

The authority said they couldn't tell in the dark whether the object was part of the missing plane, but civil administration chief Pham Viet Dung said search teams from Vietnam and other countries, including Australia and Thailand, would send boats to inspect the area.

Malaysia is 13 hours ahead of Eastern Daylight Time, and a more thorough search will begin again when the sun comes up Monday.

The news of a possible debris field, found near the same location where a 12-mile oil slick was spotted, comes as U.S. and international intelligence agencies review two passengers who boarded the aircraft with stolen passports.

Malaysia airlines plane: Terrorism concerns rise, stolen passports used on plane

The Malaysian jetliner disappeared Saturday carrying 239 people on board, leading to widespread speculation as to the cause of the crash – accidental or a targeted takedown by potential terrorists.

Malaysian airline missing: Social media spreads false rumors about missing plane

The plane abruptly lost contact with ground controllers somewhere over waters between Malaysia and Vietnam two hours after leaving Kuala Lumpur.

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