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Missing 3-year-old girl found in neighbors home social media cries foul

Toddler leaves home where she was found
Toddler leaves home where she was found

A missing 3-year-old girl that was last seen the night before in her bed and was found inside a neighbors home when they returned the following afternoon has many on social media upset.

Shaniya Hawkins, from Fayetteville, N.C. was put to bed around 10 p.m. on Thursday, and the following day, Michael and Jayna Hawkins realized that Shaniya was missing, reports WTVD news.

Police searched the neighborhood and the nearby woods for Shaniya, but were unable to locate her.

It wasn't till a neighbor that lived two doors down, came home Friday around 4:30 p.m. was Shaniya found in the house. Police believe Shaniya gained access to the home by walking into the unlocked back door, and had left the home mostly untouched except for in the kitchen where she was searching for food.

What time Shaniya actually left the home is still unclear and how she was able to make it to the neighboring house through the tall and thick weeds is unknown, and it is this unknown information that has caused social media to lash out at the parents.

"I'm with you in a child that young walking around the house and out the door during the night or early morning, and neither parent heard anything; and also, that they supposedly work at 9am, but no one checked to see where she as until noon," posted Y.U.B. Ridikulus.

"This is a strange story, beginning to end," posted Bart Lives.

Joan Cooper Pagan posted, "Hope CPS and police investigate thoroughly. Doesn't sit well with me, child is barely clothed and running around the neighborhood on her own."

Jayna posted on Facebook page the response to the criticism, "No one but us knows or will understand what we have endeavored. People can only assume. I say, let them. I hope people will leave their harsh comments to their self and understand our struggles are just that. Temporary. We will get through this as a family and hope others will help be supportive."

Jayna posted after Shaniya had been found that she was covered with scratches and bug bites.

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