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"Missiles and Markers" coming to Baltimore to spread the love. Bring mouth wash

Press Shot of Missiles and Markers.
Press Shot of Missiles and Markers.
photo provided by Christopher Simmons

2009 Vans Warped Tour Alumni Missiles and Markers, as part of "The Interdependent Music Sessions" presented by Tun Records, will be appearing at the Bourbon Street Ballroom, Baltimore Maryland on March 27th. The boys play a mixture of pop-punk with breakdowns, infused with sing-a-long chorus': The result is fast, fun and sweaty.

The quintet started playing together in 2006, but stepped up their game in 2008, when they won the converse battle of the bands and opened up for the starting line. Since then they have played The East coast leg of the 2009 Vans Warped tour, made appearances on The "Opie and Anthony", and "JV and Elvis Show", and are working on their debut full length album on Infidel records, at the famous Water Music in Hoboken NJ.

Known For their high energy performances and catchy song writing, the Debut Full length album promises to be what MXM does best: Two parts pop, one part punk, a dash of metal drumming stirred in a glass with cola. The result is that special album that gives you the perfect buzz, but tastes like a party in your mouth, and everyones invited.

Chris, Joe, Blendy, Mark and Corey are known not only for their onstage antics. The Quintet established Warped Tour's first kissing booth.... Grandmas lined up around the merch tent and forked over a few bucks to lock lips with boys, who showed absolutely no discrimination when it came to paying customers.

March 27th Mxm will be sharing the stage with other acts such as Jonne Blue, As It Subsides, Fall Back Plan, and Stranger Inside. It will be The only Maryland area show before their full U.S. tour this summer. Pre-sale tickets are available at, and check out the site for live podcasts and updates. So put on your dancing shows and pack your mouthwash, the boys of Missiles and Markers are ready to get unreal.

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