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Missile launch explanation just another lie

No doubt a missile launch
No doubt a missile launch
What does it look like to you?

Here is one more mystery in our daily lives that for some reason no one will explain and therefore everyone will speculate.  So the best way to determine what is was is by not letting anyone explain it for you and perceive as true what you see. I see a missile launch, what do you see?  Had not a news media outlet caught this video flying from a helicopter probably few would have known about it and it would have been denied that it ever took place.  Certainly, we should not let NORAD try to explain it for they could not explain and lied why they failed on 9/11 to intercept the alleged hijacked airliners.

We are bombarded with lies about everything 24/7.  Here is a good one that caught my attention yesterday.  This Professor and CEO banker goes on to say that, the U.S will go broke and that it will default on its debt.  I could not agree more with him except, that with straight face he goes on to tell us that it will happen in 20 to 25 years.  Was he saying that we could tap on to our debt another 20 to 25 trillion dollars before someone would notice that we were bankrupted?  Hard to comprehend that he may be stupid, so therefore he knows that he is feeding us a lie, why.

So you see, we can’t trust anything that we are told anymore, we should only accept as true what we see and research, balancing both we can decide what is true and what is not or accept that there is not enough information to arrive at a conclusion and let it be that way.

So this brings us to this photo and video of yesterday’s incident off the coast of California.  We have seen enough videos and launches of missiles and rockets to know what one looks like.  So on this one; we should believe what we see because most likely that is the unquestionable truth.  It may not be a big deal and it could have very well being a missile launch from a submarine or from Catalina Island, the point is why the mystery and the lies.

The only thing that is surprising on this one is that no one yet has come up with a ridiculous story explaining that this was a failed terrorist attack that failed to materialize.  Just like the shoe bomber, the underwear bomber, and the recent mail bomb. Most likely, it has crossed someone’s mind as a good and entertaining hoax.


  • Jerry 4 years ago

    Listening to the Pentagon say they don't know what it was should be considered a resignation by every swinging dick in that organization. If they really don' know what it was then we need to fire them all. If they do know and aren't saying then it was someone elses Military. They are inclined to lie if it's from another country...Which is what I think is the only logical conclusion. Because that contrail is from a single "Solid Rocket" Missle. Passenger Jet? Passenger Jet! oh a Passenger Jet.
    It was likely a North Korean Missle fired from a Submarine to show our leaders we are vulnerable and we're too chicken chit to acknowledge the fact and level with the public.

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