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Miss Wanda Pratt: The Super Mom behind basketball Superstar Kevin Durant

A special thanks to all the Supermoms in the world

A kiss of unconditional love
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This short essay is a tribute to all the mother’s around the world who in addition to unselfishly carrying their child(ren) inside of their body for nine months, has made countless sacrifices and endured countless episodes of changing diapers, doctoring colds, fevers, running noses, chicken pox, measles, first days of school, bullies, Parent Teachers Association meetings, teenage puppy-love, teenage rebellion, sporting events, musical recitals and of course making great tasting meals out of “nothing” and with only a few dollars / pennies in your purse to spend.

Thank you for being the Supermom that you are, and a very “Happy Mother’s Day” to you all.

The evolution of a boy to a man. Thank you Miss Wanda Pratt for raising your sons well.

It’s not often that the public is treated to a display of genuine love and appreciation that can spontaneously move a casual observer to tears. Last Tuesday night in Edmond, Oklahoma, during a ceremony that presented the National Basketball League’s Most Valuable Player award to its best player, the world was treated to basketball superstar Kevin Durant’s totally unrehearsed “thank you” that he emotionally conveyed to his mother who sat proudly in the audience as he accepted the League’s most coveted individual award.

What made Mr. Durant’s words of gratitude to his mother so moving as he, his mother, his teammates and the audience wiped back tears from their eyes, was the realization of how much he truly loved and respected his mother for all of her many struggles and sacrifices that she made and withstood alone as a single parent.

It was simply her love and dedication to her children that empowered them to successfully transition from being kids without a father (in their life) to being responsible men who sincerely gave thanks for all their blessings.

Too often society and politicians purposely demean single women who are left with the burden of raising a child alone. Too often hypocritical lawmakers write and enact legislation that’s meant to punish single moms without ever giving much thought to the single mom’s struggles, self-doubts, emotional pain and yes even their smallest / greatest personal triumphs.

Kevin Durant to his mother: “You made us believe, you kept us off the streets, you put clothes on our backs, you put food on the table, you went to bed hungry so that we could eat, you’re the real MVP.”

Without a shadow of a doubt, it was Miss Wanda Pratt’s unconditional love that helped mold Kevin Durant into being the humble, decent and hardworking Most Valuable Player / Man that he is today, and in the end isn’t that all a mother could ever ask of her child(ren)?

A very Happy Mother’s Day to Miss Pratt and to all the women who have given all their love and endured so much pain for their babies. Although my own mother is no longer with her children, she is on our (my) mind and in our (my) prayers every day; like 2Pac once said, “Dear Mama, you are appreciated.”

Now go forth today and bask royally in the love of your children that you so justly deserve.

Good day, God bless, and Good fishing.

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