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Miss USA Nia Sanchez’s bikini captivates millions

The Miss USA Pageant, we are assured, is about scholarships, cancer awareness and efforts to stop bullying. At the end of the annual event’s evening, however, the primary interest is in how the contestants look in bikinis.

Miss USA 2014 Nia Sanchez
(c) Miss Universe L.P., LLP. Used by permission.
Miss USA 2014 Nia Sanchez
(c) Miss Universe Organization, L.P., LLP. Used by permission.

Viewers of this year’s pageant saw 51 girls in tiny swimsuits - one from each state and the District of Columbia. They wore evening gowns, too, but those pictures won’t get many hits on the Internet; and the contestants’ answers to questions during the competition drew a few snickers, but will largely be forgotten.

There can only be one Miss USA at a time, however, and this year’s model is Nia Sanchez. She entered the pageant as Miss Nevada USA. She was crowned Miss Nevada USA in January.

Originally from the Sacramento, California area, Sanchez is a resident of Las Vegas. She has also lived in Europe and the state of Washington.

She holds a fourth-degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do, according to her pageant profile. Sanchez has worked as a model for the past seven years. She is a former face character for Disney Hong Kong.

Sanchez is the first Nevada contestant to wear the Miss USA crown. She describes herself in her Twitter profile as “always positive and living for God.”

Winning the Miss USA crown will result in Sanchez competing for Miss Universe later this year. That pageant, like the Miss USA competition, will be broadcast live on the NBC television network. The Miss Universe and Miss USA pageants are owned by NBC Universal and Donald Trump.

Now that Sanchez is Miss USA, Stephanie Cook will become Miss Nevada USA. Cook finished as first runner-up in the state pageant.

The 2014 pageant was her first try at becoming Miss Nevada USA. In 2013, she caught the attention of many on the Internet after she posed in a bikini for a bottled water ad.

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