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Miss USA Nia Sanchez promotes self defense

On June 8, 2014, Miss Nevada Nia Sanchez, won the Miss USA pageant and was crowned the winner. During her question and answer session, she was asked about why college campuses have swept sexual assault under the rug. Her answer was really quite simple, and based in logic.

Miss Nevada Nia Sanchez speaks out for self defense training.
Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images
Nia Sanchez of Nevada is asked a difficult question during the Miss USA pageant, and her answer is meaningful and realistic.
Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images

“I believe that some colleges may potentially be afraid of having a bad reputation and that would be a reason it could be swept under the rug, because they don’t want that to come out into the public. But I think more awareness is very important so women can learn how to protect themselves. Myself, as a fourth-degree black belt, I learned from a young age that you need to be confident and be able to defend yourself. And I think that’s something that we should start to really implement for a lot of women.” -Miss Nevada Nia Sanchez

The answer has utterly outraged feminists. Their stance is that women should not need personal protection skills to ward off an assault, and that Ms. Sanchez’s answer somehow places the onus for protection on the female. Michelle Malkin’s site, Twitchy, does an excellent job at capturing tweets from the feminist movement berating Ms. Sanchez’s answer.

In an ideal society, there would be no wrong-doing, and the need for personal protection proficiency would not be needed. The feminists are correct as far as an idealized society is concerned. Unfortunately, the reality is we do not have such a society, nor has mankind ever enjoyed such a utopia. There has always been war, strife, and the presence of people who will harbor no qualms about hurting someone for their possessions or to take gratification in the harm of others.

Miss Sanchez’s answer, though, does nothing of the sort to preclude effective law enforcement, awareness and prevention programs, victim de-stigmatism efforts, counseling, and any other preventative for these measures. Her suggested course of action is one facet of a total protection profile, and a very important one at that.

Where, then, does Ms. Sanchez’s answer fit in? It is, quite simply, something that can be done by every person (male and female), to prevent harm to themselves or the ones they love. This has been proven with concealed carry laws where the ‘bad guy’ does not know if the good guys are armed or not, so his activities become risky enough that other means of wealth accumulation are explored. Personal protection training acts very much like an inoculant against violence. As more ‘antibodies’ are created within a society (those people with training), the more likely a virus is to find an antibody before it can find a cell to take over.

As always, ultimate responsibility is with the individual, and Ms. Sanchez acknowledges and reinforces that. For others who would blame ‘society’, instead of the irresponsibility of another person’s actions, their sense of personal responsibility is not present or properly developed. Choose the ideals you will live by carefully.

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