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Miss USA: Illinois


Ashley Bradarich

Miss USA aired live on Sunday May 16, 2010.

The contestant for Illinois this year was Ashely Bradarich from Homer Glen, IL. 

She understands that this competition is more than just a pretty dress.  Ashley's stance is helping to save abandoned babies and raising money for art supplies to children.  By helping these youngsters, she is enabling them to hopefully become great humanitarians themselves.  These kids are our future and some of them may very well be Ms. Future Illinois.

As quoted by Ashley, she defines success as “the art of being who you already are.”  Ashley is full of self-esteem and it shows in this statement.  As long as you put your best foot forward and try with all your might, there is no telling what you can do! 

The clothes don't wear Ashley, as she wears the clothes with her strong confidence.  She can sport a pair of sweat pants or a t-shirt and make them look great.  It's all in her attitude and how she carries herself.  She is a winner, regardless of wheather she holds the crown or not.  Ashley is inspiring and so is her great sense of fashion.

For more info: You can visit Ashley's website and blog here.

 Watch this video to view all of the contestants:


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