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Miss USA 2014: Who won the crown tonight?

Host of Miss USA 2014
Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images

Tonight was the big Miss USA 2014 and viewers enjoyed a three hour show. The first hour was introducing all 51 girls and then also announcing the top 20 who would have a chance to win the crown. On Sunday, Hollywood Life shared a short preview about the women who would be up for the crown and also who they thought would win it all.

After they announced each girl in the top 20, they showed a small clip that told a little bit about them. This took up a large amount of time and the show was already half way over before they were done announcing all of the top 20 girls who had a chance to win the crown. These were the only girls who actually did the swimsuit competition tonight. They had a big performance by Nelly and Florida Georgia Line during the competition while the girls all walked the stage in matching swimsuits.

During the swimsuit competition they all had on the same swimsuit during the performance and then to walk the stage they changed into another suit but these were all the same as well. The only differences were that they had various colors lining the edge. Next they took it down to just 10 ladies left in the competition. They then cut it down to five after the evening gown competition but America was able to vote one more lady in making it a top six.

At the end of the night, Erin Brady was ready to give up her crown and pass it on the new Miss USA 2014! Next it was time to announce the big winner. Miss USA 2014 is Miss Nevada Nia Sanchez! She is the first winner ever from Nevada!

The big Miss USA website shared a lot of pictures of the road to the crown. This is a great way to see more from the girls who were on the show that they didn't air on television. You can see photos, backstage videos and more on this site.

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