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Miss USA 2014 scandal: Did Nia Sanchez fake move to Nevada to win?

Nia Sanchez
Nia Sanchez
Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images

This year Miss USA 2014 was won by Nia Sanchez from Nevada. It was actually the first time that Miss Nevada won the crown. On Friday, People shared the news that this is turning into a scandal. Reports are out that Nia actually made a move to Nevada just so she could win. That obviously wouldn't help her win the entire competition though.

A source is speaking out and saying that Nia is from California but the competition there is really stiff. Instead she decided to fake a residency in Nevada so she could compete there. She thought that she would have a better chance of winning in this state. The source even says that she kept working at Disney in California but it was all a paper trail that made it look like she was still in California.

Nia did really compete in California three years but never won. You have to live in a state for six months before competing and she did this in Nevada so it was all taken care of in the right way. She says that she really does live in Nevada.

Fox News shared what Nia Sanchez had to say about this possible scandal. She says that Nevada is her home state and she has a house there with a friend. It sounds like she does at least have a home there even if she does live in both places. Nia has lived all over the world including living in South America, Hong Kong and Germany. She worked for Disney as a character and so she moved around a lot. She did most of her work in Las Vegas but did do a small amount in LA.

There is really no way to prove if Nia Sanchez Miss USA 2014 moved to Nevada because the competition is easier. She is saying that she did not and she followed all of the rules. It doesn't sound like she will be in any trouble no matter what her reason for moving to Nevada was and she is now Miss USA 2014.