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Miss UMES Porsha Harvey: Harsh blowback after beauty queen steps down

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Miss UMES, Porsha Harvey, is the latest beauty queen to hand over her crown after some alleged inappropriate behavior, resulting in her arrest. Harvey, the University of Maryland beauty queen, was first arrested after an altercation at a homecoming dance resulting in her arrest for elbowing a campus police officer, according to NBC News on March 1.

The Newark, Delaware native was jailed for disorderly conduct when she allegedly elbowed the campus cop who had asked her to clear a hallway that was crowded. A few days later when she went for her bail review for the disorderly conduct charge, Harvey didn’t make it through the security scanners because she had marijuana in her purse.

While it was only a small amount, she was still cited for marijuana possession. She signed the criminal citation and was released. She still faces a possible $500 fine and up to 60 days incarceration for the disorderly conduct and failure-to-obey charges.

Harvey was urged to relinquish her crown and step down from her position of Miss University of Maryland Eastern Shore. She had already resigned when the letter from the Campus Life was sent out with the resignation request. A past Miss University of Maryland beauty queen from the 4,000 student campus said she was “disgraced” by Harvey’s actions.

Hattie Jones Penn, Miss UMES from 1973 said that “It was embarrassing to the university considering the leadership role that she has.” Considering she hasn't been found guilty of "elbowing" a security officer and the small amount of pot she had on her would be legal in some states today, is this overkill?

An alumni from four decades ago claiming she is "disgraced" and calling Harvey "embarrassing" to the entire university" seems a bit harsh for such minor offenses.What do you think?