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Miss. man pronounced dead shows he still kicking after waking up in funeral home

What do you think? Tell us in the comments below.
What do you think? Tell us in the comments below.

“Alive and kicking” is more than just an expression for one Mississippi man who, after being pronounced dead, woke up just moments before his embalming at a funeral home, according to a report today from Reuters.

Walter Williams, a 78-year-old Lexington resident, woke up in a local funeral home after being found without a pulse at his home and literally kicked his way out of the body bag he had been place inside.

“He was not dead, long story short,” funeral director Byron Porter told the local TV station WAPT.

A coroner had confirmed Williams had no pulse at his home, thus pronouncing him dead and sending him off to the funeral home.

"I stood there and watched them put him in a body bag and zip it up," Williams' nephew, Eddie Hester, said.

Once at the funeral home Williams began to breath again, Holmes County Coroner Dexter Howard confirmed, theorizing that a defibrillator inside the man’s body may have sparked up his heart again.

After being found clearly still among the living, Williams was taken by paramedics to a local hospital to receive treatment. He’s in stable condition as of Friday.

William’s daughter, Mary, said her father doesn’t really remember what happened, thinking that he was just sleeping.

“He said he thought he was asleep," Mary Williams. "Then he woke up in the hospital. He doesn't remember any of it, really.”

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