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Miss Delaware and other dethroned pageant winners

Amanda Longacre of Bear, Delaware was crowned Miss Delaware after having competed for the title the week of June 9-14 was suddenly dethroned. She was stripped of her crown and title for being too old. Winning the Miss Pike contest on June 14th allowed Longacre to compete in the Miss Delaware Pageant which paved the way to compete for the Miss America crown.

There are many who have won and fulfilled their pageant duties without difficulties and gone on to win many other pageants and have illustrious careers.  Denise Gerrado
Amanda Longacre, Miss Delaware

Although the 24-year-old Amanda Longacre honestly indicated her age on all applications and sincerely won the title is now denied the opportunity to compete for Miss America. In addition, she has been stripped of all prizes associated with the title and the 11,000 dollars in scholarship money that was to pay for her Masters degree in Social Work.

Longacre is not alone, there have been many other pageant winners stripped of their crowns and titles. Some pageant winners were dethroned, others willingly gave up their titles and still others sued to keep their titles and make their statement. These are just some to represent the many. Cynthia de la Vega who won the Nuestra Bella Mundo Pageant lost her title because of being overweight by 6 pounds. Denise Gerrado lost her title of Miss Universe Canada because of a typo by the pageant officials. Caroline Schwitzky lost her Miss Weston USA title because of immorality, she won a porn contest. Dominique Ramirez was stripped of her title of Miss Bexar County Texas because of weight and/or tardiness. Ms Ramirez sued and the pageant could not take her crown away. Carlina Duran, Miss Dominican Republic was dethroned because she is married. Jasmine Stringer willfully relinquished her Miss Teenager Universe crown after being bullied by pageant officials to find and pay for the next Australian pageant contestant or give up the crown and title. The famous Oscar Award Winner and Grammy nominated, Miss America Vanessa Williams is still considered Miss America 1984 after resigning because of private photos that were released. Ms. Williams was the first Miss America of African American descent.

Despite the controversies beauty pageants are a beloved past time for men, women and children of all ages around the world. There are many who have won and fulfilled their pageant duties without difficulties and gone on to win many other pageants and have illustrious careers such as Raina Yancey LLM, Maria Sciorillo, Lauren Bilski, Dr. Brintha Vasagar, Andrea Helfrich, Katrina Clemens, Rosa Jones and Dr. Victoria Ward Yancey. Notwithstanding the controversies, beauty pageants provide confidence, poise, communication skills, and opportunities for contestants to travel and meet people of different races, cultures and beliefs. In essence, beauty pageants provide an opportunity for personal growth and development.

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