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Miss America contestants strutted their "stuff" once again in hopes of taking the residuary crown

Tons of hopeful "miss Americas"
Tons of hopeful "miss Americas"

Two days ago, "Miss America" hopefuls gathered at the Theatre for the Performing Arts in the Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino in Las Vegas, for the 89th Miss America pageant. 53 women strutted up and down the stage, scantily clad, and deliriously driven to reach the crown. But on what basis are these women crowned? It is judged off of beauty, brains, or how well rounded these women may be? For many it is hard to tell based on the "criteria" we see each and every year, and the depth of this year’s pageant could be compared to that of a dog show.

Like that of a group of high school girls, the judgment observed here, as well as in almost every other painful reality show on television, it rarely has anything to do with anything deeper then skin. This theory is easily proven when reflecting back on what we the audience, learned about the women in question. For example: the most we learned about Miss Utah is that she is the only one from a state that begins with a "u". Of course this proves to be less than important in getting to know a person for whom they are which is what the competition “is”.

Many women entering into the competition, as well as a lot of viewers at home and in the audience believe that Miss America is existent in order to set an example for women and children everywhere. But what kind of example is really being set here? Women are bound to compete in nothing but bikinis and tight evening gowns, flaunting not the character inside, but the figure outside. Even more fuel for the American little girl to feel insecure about herself, or even desire to enter the frightening, inhumane world of child beauty pageants.

On top of the unrelenting display of the female body, there are many things about the pageant that set a negative example. For instance: in 2009 Carrie Prejean, Miss California, spoke out against what many believe to be constitutionally right in being American born. Prejean announced plans to work with the National Organization for Marriage, to ban same sex marriage. Again, what kind of example is this setting, on national television?

The Miss America pageant should not be watched by any man, woman, or child, until it gets the proper attention it deserves, and is fixed. There is nothing wrong with the theory of the pageant itself, and until that theory is honestly upheld, it should simply stop. Put women in everyday clothing that does more than simply display their bodies. Then recruit normal women who don`t look like mere airbrushed celebrity centerfolds, and dive into the depths of the female mind instead of body. Think about the positive message troubled women and children could receive! Don`t we want our women to feel naturally beautiful and comfortable in their own skin?