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Misogyny-from both sides now

he case of Elliot Rodger is now in full bloom. At this point, practically the whole world is talking about how this man felt about women.

Some very disturbing facts have come out of this story. This was a socially awkward young man who had been in therapy before. He had a history of not getting along with people.

He had written a 137-page manifesto about taking revenge on people, especially women, whom he felt had rejected and ostracized him. He had openly posted his resentment towards women and his desire for revenge on YouTube.

The police had been alerted to this by his mother yet they failed to take any action. He then killed six people and himself

As a result of this incident, many women have started sharing their experiences of being harrassed by men who want, to put it bluntly, have sex with them and become vindictive and demeaning when they are turned down. (

Many women are posting their experiences on Twitter under #YesAllWomen. This has given rise to discussions on cable networks such as MSNBC about a male culture of misogyny, a hatred for women (

Some men feel entitled to have women appease their desires and how some movies glorify this by portraying gorgeous young women eager to gratify the most socially awkward young men.

Certainly no one would argue or disagree with these assertions and recognize that indeed a problem exists. And unfortunately, is there another side to the story.

It turns out that there really is a battle if the sexes. The antonym of misogyny is "Misandry", a hatred for men and boys. Although not as prevalent, it does exist.

Consider that 90% of all murders are committed by men. Consider that the most notorious leadesr carrying out violence have.been men (Hitler, Stalin, Osama bin Laden). Some famous female writers, such as Germaine Greer and Betty Freiden, have demonized men in their writings. Consider that in many situation comedies men are portrayed as leas-than-smart and inept and without the smart woman behind them, they'd probably never survive.

And while there are a lot of women whobare abused by men, there are indeed men who are abused by the women in their life.

Certainly there is no justification for minimizing the issue; many women have been persecuted by men and they are now taking action to prevent further occurrences. Their is a problem here and a solution is needed.

What makes each gender feel bitter and resentful against the other, especially in cases that lead to violence? What prevents some men from shrugging off rejection? After all, are there "plenty of fish in the sea" , and isn't there "always a girl for every guy"?

The obvious answer is emotional stability. If someone does not feel good about themselves, they need other people to validate them.

Consider that the actual relationship may be secondary to just the emotional satisfaction that someone is important enough to matter to someone else. These people have to constantly be acknowledged by others to feel good about themselves.

Younger men seem to have a lot more hormones going on (Nature's way of propagating the species) and have this intense need to procreate.

Clearly things must change. Men have to feel good enough about themselves so they don't feel like they HAVE to have women thwre to validate them. They also need to understand that sex is a way to express feelings and thay relationships being established will enhance any physical expression.

This is the culture that our society as a whole must reinforce. Only then will things start changing

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