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Miso soup everyone will love

Miso Soup
Shandi Trout

Miso soup is often served as an appetizer in Japanese restaurants. Have you thought about serving it for dinner at home? It is an soup enriched with nutrients, and easy to make. With a very versatile base almost anything can be added from different vegetables to rice or potatoes. My daughters love it with tofu and rice. The combination of those gives them a great healthy dinner that even the pickiest children tend to love. Making the soup is easy and can be made in under 30 minutes unlike most soups! The trick to great miso soup is a good miso. ;) This is something you can make at home if you would like, but it is one that is better after aging like a sourdough starter. Visit any asian market near you and they sell miso. It comes in the cold section large tub for only $4-5! Super cheap dinner too! A few other ingredients you may want to have on hand is seaweed, water, and what every you want to put in the soup, the best is tofu, green onion, and rice. The recipe for Miso Soup: Place a pot of water on medium heat (you don't want it to boil just get warm) add in a small amount of seaweed (1 inch by 1 inch for 1 cup of water) Leave this on the stove for about 10 minutes Once it is hot and nicely flavored the water add in the other ingredients like green onion, mushrooms, or any other vegetables you may want. While this is simmering cook your rice in another pot. Once the rice is done add in the miso (1 tsp for 1/2 cup of water) the amount can be adjusted to your desire. Slowly stir in the miso, the easiest way is to pour a little of the soup into a cup and stir in the miso until it is dissolved and add it back into the pot. once the miso is all added in put some rice in a bowl and ladle the miso over the top and serve. Enjoy this delicious nutritious meal.

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