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Mismatched testicles: Is it OK to have balls of different sizes?

Rashid, in Springfield, IL, writes,

“My balls are two different sizes; should I be worried about this?”

Hi Rashid, thanks for writing in. There is absolutely nothing wrong with your testicles being two different sizes; in fact most men have a slight variation in size. And, for the record, one testicle will also hang lower in the scrotal sac than the other, so don’t be alarmed by that, either. Now, the only time this is cause for concern is if one testicle is significantly larger than the other one, if it contains a lump or a hardened nodule, if it’s painful or tender to the touch, if there has been a sudden change in size -- for instance they used to be more similar in size and one of them seems to have grown -- or if it’s accompanied by pain in the abdomen or other strange symptoms, you need to get yourself to the doctor to get yourself checked out so he can make sure everything is A-OK. However if your only concern is a slight variation in size, then you can rest assured that you are in the norm. But keep up those testicular self-exams, as they are a good way to keep on top of your physical and sexual health. Thanks for writing in, and good luck!

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