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Miserable owner throws innocent dog into sewer: Pooch rescued by firemen

It took the firemen 45 minutes to rescue the innocent dog.
It took the firemen 45 minutes to rescue the innocent dog. Darren Hester

Late last week, the cruel owner of a white terrier mix breed dog in Sonora, Mexico picked his dog up and walked over to a hole in the street and threw the dog into the sewer reports

The pooch plummeted 19 feet to the bottom.

Luckily for the dog, the neighbor who had been feeding the dog because the owner just ignored the innocent animal, witnessed the callous animal cruelty and called the police.

Authorities dispatched the fire department for help, and within 45 minutes the five brave and compassionate firemen were able to hoist the pooch to safety. One fireman had to be lowered into the hole to rescue the dog.

Miraculously the dog was not injured.

Police went over the owner's home to arrest him for animal cruelty, but have not been able to locate him.

Let's hope the dog never has to be returned to that monster.

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