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Miscarriage: 'Duck Dynasty's' Jase and Missy Robertson share their private loss

Jase and Missy Robertson get up close with 'Duck Dynasty' fans
Photo by Alan Poizner

Jase and Missy Robertson of "Duck Dynasty" have shared some of the most private details of their married lives with their fans. In a Wednesday article on Closer, the couple admitted publicly that they experienced a miscarriage in 2002 when Missy was 10 weeks pregnant after the birth of their sons, Reed and Cole. They discussed how painful and difficult the loss was after the joy of finding out and sharing the good news of a pregnancy.

The couple was fortunate enough to be able to have another baby soon after the miscarriage, but the birth was not without complications. Precious Mia Robertson was born in 2003 with a cleft lip and cleft palate, requiring multiple and ongoing surgeries. Her bravery and positive attitude of faith were featured on a recent episode of “Duck Dynasty” and she won quite a lot of admiring fans.

According to Christian, Jason and Missy Robertson also have been quite honest and upfront about their own lack of sexual experience other than with each other after they were married. They started dating each other when they were 16 years old, and they eventually married after a rather spiritually-minded courtship. They placed emphasis on growing together spiritually, but Jase Robertson has bluntly discussed the amount of physical self-control that was required during this time of their lives.

Jase and Missy do not seem to be quite as star-struck as the rest of the family, and this gives them a more approachable, real quality that fans love. Missy has a very talented singing voice which has been featured in several “Duck Dynasty” episodes and recordings released for Christmas. At times, it almost seems that Jase Robertson is really the most spiritually-minded of the Robertson clan. By opening up about their lives in such a real, honest manner, they are sure to endear their family to the down-home “Duck Dynasty” fans.

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