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Mirrored emotions

What are you influenced by?
What are you influenced by?
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Do you know there are areas in the brain that are activated by the images we see? This is why when you see a sad movie you might be driven to tears or when you watch a comedy, your spirit feels uplifted. I am talking about the concept of mirrored emotions. In the marketing world, advertisers love this phenomenon. It is their hope to tap into your psyche and alter your “brain’s innate functionality” to influence your spending habits in their favor.

Have you ever watched a commercial and had to really examine it to figure out what they are even trying to sell? Your brain systematically stores in short-term memory and although you may not remember particulars about the product, the images they used during the commercial may inadvertently surface and trigger emotions when you see the product at a store. For example, the commercial may portray an attractive skinny woman who is playfully flirting with her boyfriend, a handsome, muscular guy and then at the end of the commercial, you notice it was advertising for a jewelry store. These marketing professionals are hoping, if you’re in search of this “happy partnership and/or a healthier attractive you", perhaps these images might tap into an emotional need to impulse buy jewelry because of the connection they've planted into your psyche.

On, the article, You Are Not Necessarily the Person You Think You Are, discusses this outside influence.

It states, “… you are… the product of many influences... you can dramatically change who you are. It's actually not so much that it's difficult to change, but that you've developed patterns and habits that make it easier to do things the way you do them. …most of what you consider part of your identity is a product of influence. We have a tendency to think that change is difficult, but it's really just a matter of changing your influence."

We like to think we are in control of all of our thoughts and actions, but even the strongest, most disciplined person, is influenced to some extent by his or her environment. As we learn more about how the brain works and how this impacts our emotions, we can better control impulses that negatively affect us. Because, the bottom line is, what lies beneath, especially during turbulent times, can be manipulated by outside forces; this is fact not fiction!

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