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Mirko Caballero continues to crush routes and inspire at age 13

If you’ve heard the name Mirko Caballero, you’re probably one of many that are amazed and in awe at the incredible climbing talent this young 13-year-old teenager has exhibited. You can’t help but to be inspired by the determination and love for the sport of climbing this teen has.

Mirko Caballero continues to crush routes and inspire at age 13
Mirko Caballero Instagram

At the end of March 2014, Mirko climbed his first V14 with a repeat of Paul Robinson’s Meadowlark Lemon in Red Rock, Nevada. He worked extremely hard on this project and climbed the problem via the stand-start at V13. It took an additional three trips to complete the problem from the sit-start. This feat made him the youngest person to climb a V14.

This accomplishment comes after a history of more than impressive climbs that Mirko has ascended in his young life. Growing up in an adventurous and athletic family certainly helped spark the outdoor interest and the beginning of his climbing career. Mirko is a three-time youth national bouldering champion and climbed his first V10 at age nine. He completed the youngest ascent of the classic line Evilution Direct located on one of the most prestigious rocks, “Grandpa Peabody,” at the bouldering area, The Buttermilks, in Bishop, California.

Although Mirko was hesitant to get into sport climbing due to a fear of heights, he finally took a stab at it after a national coach at the Pan-American Championships in Ecuador said, “Bouldering is for sissies! Real climbers climb on ropes!” Since then, Mirko has climbed several 5.14a routes around the world and redpointed his first 5.14b, Stop Sitka, last summer.

Mirko is among a group of remarkable and prodigious young climbers that the climbing world will definitely continue to keep a watchful eye on. Along with Ashima Shiraishi, Brooke Raboutou, Cameron and Jonathan Hörst, and Drew Ruana to name a few, we can undoubtedly expect to see many more accomplishments by Mirko Caballero in years to come.

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