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Miranda Lambert to stop touring amid divorce rumors

Miranda Lambert
Photo by Rick Diamond

Country music star Miranda Lambert will soon stop touring according to reports that started to circulate on Tuesday. The reports come amid speculation that she and husband Blake Shelton have split up and are on the verge of divorcing. Sources close to Lambert say she is desperate to save her marriage and that she has been talking about possibly trying to have a baby even though she dismissed reports earlier this year that she did not want to have children anytime soon.

Lambert released a statement on needing a break from touring that said, “This is the longest break I’ve ever had since I was 17, since I started playing music. It’s kind of scary ’cause you just get your autopilot, and you know what you’re doing. And then it’s like, ‘Wait a minute, do I really, do I remember how to do this?’”

The marriage of the country music sensation has been one of rumor and speculation for months that she and Shleton are in a very "dangerous place"

Shelton has been linked to aspiring singer Cady Groves who appeared on "The Voice" as well as actress Lindsay Sporrer and there have been whispers that Shelton has been keeping company with a "variety of ladies" while in Los Angeles. Though Shelton continues to deny any and all accusations of cheating on Lambert he also continues to put himself in compromising situations that preclude many, including Lambert, to believe he is up to no good.

As the accusations of cheating have swirled around Shelton so too has the distrust by Lambert which is to the point she allegedly checks his phone for numbers, photos and text messages when the two are together.

With putting an end to touring Lambert is hoping to be able to spend more time with Shelton, who is often in Los Angeles working on "The Voice" which Lambert has said is a contributing factor in their marital discourse. Lambert has reportedly said that the amount of time Shelton has to spend on the show as well as an endless number of attractive contestants and aspiring singers, not to mention groupies, cause Shelton's wandering eye move into "tick mode."

While Shelton continues to make news for his alleged cheating Lambert is no stranger to similar rumors and considering Shelton was cheating with Lambert when they first got together, none of this should come as a surprise and according to one source close to the situation, it does not. "Miranda has her share of skeletons just as Blake does but she worries a lot and is insecure because Shelton was married when they got together."

Lambert has been linked to Jamey Johnson and said to have had a short but intimate relationship with him in 2007, shortly after she and Shelton became an item. Another story has the country vixen hooking up with Eric Church, who opened for Lambert in 2010. Lambert has dismissed both reports as lies told to sell tabloids, much the same stance Shelton has taken on the rumors regarding him.

Though time apart and Shelton's supposed "flirty ways" one source says that the two seem to have a tendency to drink too much with the emphasis again on Shelton to the point Lambert wants him to go to rehab. “Though partying is something Miranda and Blake bond over, it’s only served to amplify Miranda’s jealousy and Blake’s uncontrollable flirting, leading to a vicious cycle of drinking, fighting and drinking more as a means to cope.” The source also adds, “Alcohol is the root of 90 percent of their problems. Blake likes to provoke Miranda when he’s drunk, he talks constantly about other women he thinks are sexy.”

Whether the rumors of Shelton cheating and the excessive drinking are true or not, it would appear that the once fairy tale marriage has now turned into something of a Grimm tome. Lambert taking a break from touring at the height of her popularity is certainly an indication there is something wrong and she has stated she is not a fan nor believer of divorce and this may be her last ditch effort to save her marriage.

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