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Miranda Lambert's Revolution review


Courtesy Columbia Nashville

Miranda Lambert released her third studio album this week.

The followup to her debut album Kerosene and her 2008 ACM Album of the Year sophomore album Crazy Ex-Girlfriend has something for everyone.

The first song you'll hear is her latest single, "White Liar" which is also one of the highlights on the album. This single was proceeded by the more depressing "Dead Flowers", which was critically acclaimed but only peaked at #37 on the country charts.

If you're already a fan of Lambert's you'll a since of growth-but both personally and musically-since 2007 release of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. Another highlight off the album is "Love Song" which she co-wrote with her boyfriend and fellow country singer Blake Shelton, as well as Dave Haywood and Charles Kelley from the group Lady Antebellum. This song is different in the sense that she's singing about love, and not about hate and disgust which her music is usually being stereotyped as. "Makin Plans" is another prime example of growth in Lambert. She's singing about future plans with her love, and not future plans about hunting or drinking. Although since she is dating Shelton their future plans no doubt include those activities. "Airstream Song" is very light and fun, and paints the perfect visual image of being free.

Although she's grown, there are still some songs that are good and typical Lambert including "Time To Get A Gun", "Me and Your Cigarettes" and "Somewhere Trouble Don't Go". If you want to truly get a feel what Lambert's appeal is, listen to "Heart like Mine". All but three songs on the album were either written or co-written by Miranda. She also got help on other songs from Shelton, Haywood and Kelley.

If you like what you hear, hear it live! Lamber will be performing at Mystic Lake Casino in Prior Lake on October 2nd. Tickets start at just $35 and are still available.

For more info: AOL Music offers a free listen of the full Revolution record here